Payroll Taxes & Payroll Tax Deposits


What are payroll taxes and how do you pay them?

Payroll taxes are taxes that you withhold and pay for your employees. These include Federal Withholding Tax, Social Security Tax, Medicare Tax, Federal Unemployment Tax, and State Unemployment Tax.

Social Security and Medicare taxes are split 50/50 between the employer and the employee. Federal Withholding Tax is paid only by the employee. Federal and State Unemployment Taxes are paid only by the employer.

The employer is responsible for withholding the employee’s share of Federal Withholding, Social Security Tax and Medicare Tax from the employees pay and depositing these taxes along with the employer's share of Social Security Tax and Medicare Tax through the IRS EFTPS system.

Payroll Tax reports must be filed at the end of every quarter to reflect the amount of all taxes withheld and deposited. This is filed on a Form 941. A State report must also be filed to calculate the amount of State Unemployment Tax due each quarter. An annual Federal Unemployment Tax Report must be filed at the end of each year to calculate the amount of federal unemployment tax due.


How do I deposit my taxes?

You generally have to deposit employment taxes electronically.

Electronic deposit of taxes:

Taxpayers whose total deposits of Social Security and Medicare taxes and withheld income tax during previous years exceeded certain amounts are required to deposit taxes through the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS).

To participate in EFTPS you must first enroll. For more information or for an enrollment form, you may call EFTPS Customer Service at:

•1-800-945-8400 or 1-800-555-4477;

•1-800-945-8900 or 1-800-733-4829 (TDD Hearing Impaired) and

•1-800-945-8600 or 1-800-244-4829 (Espanol).

or log onto the IRS website at: and click on EFTPS to get started.

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